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 Old Fashion American Style Picnic in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, Japan     October 13, 2018 

The pictures below are from the homeless meeting in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo that Joe Parker and his wife Yuko minister to.  Whiting Assembly of God gave them a donation for ministering to our joint Men's and Women's Fellowship meeting on July 21.  They decided to use the money to have a old fashion American style picnic for the homeless in their ministry.  From the pictures it looks like they all enjoyed it.




Opioid Epidemic - A Senior Concern  September 10,2018



Whiting Assembly of God Upgraded to General Council Affiliated Status . . .

On Sunday, March 12, 2017 the church status for Whiting Assembly of God was upgraded from District Affiliated to General Council Affiliated. The former status is defined as a local congregation which has been brought into being as a result of a church planting and is still in a formative state in need of maturing. 

The latter status is defined as a congregation which has matured to accept responsibility to self-govern and take full financial responsibility for the maintenance of scriptural order. We as a church body, for many years have been qualified for this upgrade. New Jersey District Council of the Assembly of God officially completed this requirement to become General Council status within the fellowship with a church meeting Sunday afternoon conducted by Rev. Richard Leksell who is on staff at the District office. 

Nothing changes as to the functionality, responsibilities, both spiritual and financial of the church.       

          Rev. Richard Leksell (right) and church members