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Guest Speakers

Dave and Cheryl Greco - continued

We also had the privilege of ministering in the NJ District of the Assemblies of God in the roles of Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor, District Youth and Christian Education Director, and District Missions Director. We were appointed as AGWM Missionaries in 2001.

 Our present ministry focuses on building partnerships with each of our multi-ethnic Churches, Fellowships and Districts nationwide. Our vision is to partner together and see new missionaries sent from our ethnic communities into all the world. The work includes participation in Multi-Ethnic District and Regional events, training leaders, developing missions programs, resourcing pastors, networking with new and veteran missionaries and other administrative responsibilities.

 Socially, this ministry focus is vital as the ethnic profile of the United States changes. Demographic experts tell us that by 2026, for the first time in America there will be no ethnic majority. The Assemblies of God reflects these demographics. In the U.S Assemblies of God, we have about 3000 A/G churches affiliated in 20 Language Districts. (14 Hispanic Districts, 2 Korean Districts, the Brazilian District, International Ministry Network (German), National Slavic District, and the Samoan District.) Additionally, there are 23 other recognized Ethnic Fellowships in our movement. From a missionary perspective, the significance of the contribution from those who understand how to live in a multi-cultural and multi-lingual environment is a tremendous advantage.

 Biblically, Isaiah tells us that the time is coming when God will sovereignly “gather the people of all nations and languages”. His purpose is not only to reach the nations but also to send them. (Isaiah 66:18-20). Isaiah prophetically said “the time is coming”, and we believe that time is here. Developing partnerships across cultural, generational and linguistic lines is not only a great challenge, it is a great opportunity. The gathered nations represent both a local mission field and a global missionary force of unprecedented potential.

 It will be an honor to come and share how God is moving among the gathered nations. We are be blessed by your partnership in this ministry.

 So all can hear!


Dave and Cheryl Greco